Webinar: Exploring a Physician's "Why?"

February 25, 2021- 11:30 AM EST

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In seeking to understand physician treatment decision-making, we are interested in two fundamental concepts: 
what physicians do and why they do it.

We understand that physicians are well equipped to treat patients, however there is a lack of real insight into why doctors make the treatment decisions they do. When asked by researchers they will provide plausible, if not always accurate, rationales for their decisions.

Cognitive interviewing provides a highly effective approach to exploring the physician’s treatment decision-making process without directly asking the question “why?”. In so doing, this valuable qualitative research technique gets past post-hoc rationalizations of decision-making to reveal true drivers of behavior.

In this webinar, KMK Consulting’s Zarif Islam will provide a colorful perspective of the cognitive interviewing process and will present case studies demonstrating how KMK has utilized this approach to enhance the value of the research we’ve conducted for numerous clients.

This Webinar is Led by:

Zarif Islam

Project Manager, Market Research - KMK Consulting Inc.
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