Sales Forecasting During COVID-19: Incorporating Beliefs, Knowledge, and Research to Boost Confidence
How to design predictable forecasting models for commercial operations--even during market turmoil.

Can you predict the future?

  • ​Framework to break a large disruption into small quantifiable questions
  • ​Critical milestones and commonly used tactics to validate your forecast
  • ​Recent case study of how KMK improved accuracy and confidence with a launch forecast while addressing COVID-19 impact
  • Challenges to building a robust forecast
Using a deidentified composite case study from multiple KMK client projects, we will show you how to design predictable forecasting models to implement with your own company operations--even during market turmoil. We will discuss how forecasting models can positively impact product manufacturing, board and Wall Street expectations, and sales force incentive compensation.

As we weather the current storm, a reliable forecast will play a vital role in directing business planning and operations, delivering customer satisfaction, and maintaining a competitive advantage.


Paul Johnson

President, Ignite & Flourish Consulting

Greg Chu

Host, Market Research Principal, KMK Consulting, Inc.
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